It's shaping up rather well on PlayStation 4

Over the weekend, we have stuck into the open beta for Tera, an impending action MMO role-playing Tera Gold PS4 game from Bluehole. Although our experience was off and on as a result of stress test nature of the beta, we did manage to get an adequate feel for the title. Long story short, we think that it's shaping up rather well on PlayStation 4.

Just like with any MMO that's making the jump from PC, Tera's undergone a lot of tweaking in order to make it completely playable on console. Providentially, the tweaking seems to have been successful. Two action pubs line the bottom of the display, and you simply flick involving them by holding a shoulder button. The control scheme clicked with us right away, and it is always a good sign.

There is still a lot of screen clutter to wade through, though. There's text anyplace and at first it seems like you're being buried alive by info, but it is obviously something that regular gamers will get used to. Our only real complaint so far as presentation goes would be that every one the menus seem rather simple and bland.

Just just how can Tera playwith? There's no waiting around for turns or cooldowns here -- you are free to attack, dodge, and pull off special moves whenever you desire. The system's fairly fluid, and with a whole lot of different player classes to choose from, there's a good amount of variation on offer.

Think buy tera gold us, just far more over-the-top, and you are on the right path. The bottom line is that it's pretty fun, and we loved letting loose with various strong attacks once we'd unlocked them through levelling up.
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