A Boston reporter asked Stevens

The guy the Cavs angled for via trade that summer, Kevin Love, had 21 points and 12 rebounds.Those are the guts of the Cavs' superteam, NBA 2K MT and if superteams are the bane of Silver's existence, we've seen why in the last five weeks. Each conference has one apiece, and they've rendered the postseason as meaningless as the regular season had been.Cleveland has not only gone 10-0, but the Cavs have not trailed in the fourth quarter in any of their last six games.

After a challenge from the Pacers in the first round — even as Indiana was swept — the Cavs built leads of at least 20 points in five of their last six games against Toronto and Boston. They've had 30-point leads twice, and their average margin of victory now is 13.4 points. At one point, a Boston reporter asked Stevens how damaging the loss was after Cleveland "took your heart, took your will, took your spirit and probably enjoyed doing it."Stevens was in no place to disagree."No, I don't think there's any question," Stevens said.

"Us having those empty offensive possessions, miss an open shot and they go down and convert, or you have an opportunity on a turnover but they go down and score. Those things were bigger than just the three points they were scoring. It had a bigger impact on our, kind of, our look."Things have looked worse in the West. Sure, the Spurs spooked the Warriors with a 25-point lead in Game 1, but with Kawhi Leonard's wrenched ankle and Tony Parker's blown quad tendon, the Warriors are on track for the same unbeaten run through their conference that the Cavs seem destined to complete.

The Warriors' margin of victory is, incredibly, 17.0 points. They didn't trail in five of their 10 wins.Again, remember those system issues. As part of the post-lockout CBA in 2011, the league got some concessions, buy nba 2k18 mt including a much tougher luxury tax and a bigger advantage for teams with Bird rights, designed to keep more stars in place and work against the superteam model. There was also the advent of revenue sharing, which would encourage smaller market teams to spend like the big guys.
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